Sunday, May 12, 2013

Jnscaggs Slim Rack Installation (WR250R/WR250X)

One of the first farkles you'll probably want to add to your WRR is a cargo rack.      The bike is now in its sixth year of production, so lots of options are available.    

I chose a slim rack made by a WRR forum member.     It's billet aluminum, well designed, and looks perfect on the bike.    It also weighs very little.

Over the years, I've learned that lighter is better with dual sport bikes - especially if you plan on serious off road riding.    Larger racks are available, but they look clunky and they don't really increase cargo capacity.     Remember, anything you're carrying gets strapped down.  

A few days after ordering the rack, it arrived in the mail.    In the box: the rack and mounting hardware, but no instructions.    I'm not sure if that was an oversight or not, but here are a couple of notes for those who follow.

1.  Remove the seat and side covers.   The side covers each have one bolt.    The seat is held on by two bolts beneath the fender.

2.  A single rubber band holds down the computer.

3.  Two black 10mm bolts hold the rear cover in place

4.  Four bolts to remove the tail light assembly from the subframe.

5.  The mounting points are pre-marked on the cover.   They are dabbed with white out in the picture above.

6.  Yamaha uses extremely soft plastic.   I recommend drilling a small pilot hole and then working your way up in size.   The aluminum sleeves are slightly larger than 12mm.    Use a 12.5mm bit.   I only had a 12.0mm bit, so I widened the holes slightly be angling the bit and turning it by hand.

7.  The sleeves go through the plastic and the rack will sit slightly above the plastic cover (pictured above).    This will make it easy to slip hooks or tie downs around the slots in the rack.

8.  Don't forget to use loc-tite on all your bolts when you reassemble.  Oh, and double check to make sure the cover is seated correctly.   There is a small rubber mounting point at the end of the cover that is easy to overlook.  

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