Saturday, September 12, 2015

3rd Gen 4Runner Maintenance Update

Before my recent trip to Black Rock City, I performed a major service update on my 1999 4Runner.

The work included new front and rear oxygen sensors, spark plugs, spark plug wires, an oil change (Mobil 1 10w-30, Mobil 1 oil filter), new ac belt, ps belt, and alternator belt.  I also bought and installed a new oil fill fill cap because the old one had begun leaking.    I noticed some oil seeping from the valve covers too (it didn't occur to me later that the oil fill cap and valve cover gasket leaks were related.)

And for good measure I installed an OEM roof rack and Yakima roof top box.

The parking lot of the auto parts store
On route to the Playa, the motor threw a Check Engine Light (CEL).   I pulled over at an auto parts store and borrowed their OBD II diagnostic reader.   It registered P0171 Lean, Bank 1.   I noticed that I had forgotten to tighten a vacuum clamp on the intake.  So I tighted it up, replaced a cracked vacuum line, and reset the code.

The CEL came back.     At the next auto store I am across, I pulled the MAF and cleaned it.   I also replaced another questionable vacuum line.  

The CEL came back.    I bought a new PCV and replaced it.  This was the clearly contributing to the leaky oil seals.   The PCV was shot.

I also bought a new (remanufactured) MAF.    I tried resetting the CEL with just the PCV replaced, but the CEL came back so I went ahead and replaced the MAF.     The CEL no longer comes on (with about 1,100 miles of driving).

This MAF sensor has not been cleaned in at least 130K miles

Remanufactured MAF sensor in front, cleaned but still faulty MAF in background

Working on a vehicle during a road trip isn't a lot of fun.    One reason to not do a major service just before a trip.

Camping photos:

A video that would have been helpful to watch BEFORE I was on the road.