Thursday, June 11, 2009

Side Glances -> Egan Still a Great Wtier

Peter Egan created my obsession.    It was over 20 years ago that I stumbled on his articles in Road & Track and Cycle World.   There was just something about his storytelling that captured my imagination.   I ended up subscribing largely because of him and as a boy,  remember eagerly awaiting each new issue.   

First stop:  Side Glances, his monthly column. 

Over the years I've read about his adventures fixing old race cars, flying planes, and buying or selling various vehicles.   I'm glad to report that Egan is still belting them out.    After reading this month's piece on hitchhiking, I almost feel like sticking out my thumb and taking a ride.    Well, ok.. maybe not but I will definitely give the next hitchhiker I come upon a serious glance.   

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