Monday, September 14, 2009

2001 VW Camper [Vans]

We recently borrowed a 2001 Volkswagen Camper for a 3 day trip to RMNP.

The VR6 powered van provided plenty of getup and go, and I was surprised by how well it handled. Plus, who can argue with a vehicle that sleeps 4. Like most others in the late 90's and early 2000s, this one was a Winnie conversion with about 90,000 miles. Despite the age and mileage, most of its systems were fully functional. The tri-powered fridge was a notable exception.

We had a great time in the van. I found it a perfect way to camp out and haul around 4 people and their gear.

After the trip, I did a little checking on market prices for these vehicles. Most of the decent ones seem to be in the mid $20's. Some owners are asking over $30. That has to be one of the lowest depreciation rates ever. The camper vans have held their value exceptionally well.

Due diligence: A stack of maintenance receipts in the door pocket of our borrowed van pointed to expensive maintenance and repairs.

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