Sunday, November 7, 2010

How Cheap Can You Be? [Repairs]

Kawasaki KLR owners are famous for out-cheaping each other, but there's a limit to how cheap you can be.

Today, I reached my limit.

The switch above is pretty simple. Unfortunately it cost me several hours of chasing phantom electrical glitches.

I wired it in-line with my bike's aftermarket Oxford heated grips. The grips themselves work great, but after installation I noticed the battery completely drains if left unattended for a few weeks. Rather than unplug the grips manually, the easy fix was to wire in a toggle switch.

The switch was purchased at Wal-mart for some ridiculously low price. Unfortunately, in cutting the price that low they also decided to cut quality control too. Although it's a basic, very simple design - the switch is intermittent with the vibration of the KLR's single cylinder.

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