Friday, July 24, 2009

The Trailer [Obsessions]

Growing up, my parents had a trailer. It was a rusty flat bed model that came with an old snowmobile by father bought on an impulse one weekend at a garage sale. We used it to haul all sorts of ungainly stuff (even the occasional sled, an old Bombadier).

Once, my old man hauled all of our family's possessions when we moved to a new house. That trailer was awesome, and we got far more value from it than the snowmobile.

Ever since , I've wanted a trailer. Preferably one that can haul a car. Alas, the SWMBO says that we can't park one on the street outside our house. The perils of city living. :-(

But I can LOOK, right?

Besides, this is what can happen when you don't use a trailer.

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