Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why Gear Thoughts

Gear Thoughts was born from a tremendous passion for things that roll, fly, carve, or splash across the land, sea, snow, and air. This blog is for enthusiasts of cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, planes, sailboats, mountain and road bikes. If it moves and even better, if it can be ridden, expect to see it on this blog. Great automotive writers like Peter Egan and John Phillips, whose words have provided countless hours of entertainment, also deserve a nod for providing the inspiration for this blog

Over the years, many places to buy previously owned products have appeared on the Internet. Sites like,, eBay and Craigslist have unlocked vast marketplaces for previously owned vehicles. With a few extra minutes, I tend to wander over and let the imagination run wild. When I buy, I often find the stuff I want online and typically buy used.

Why buy used? Simple. Let someone else can take the hit on depreciation. Plus, used products are more environmentally sustainable. Buying something used also lets you enjoy the unique character of the secondary marketplace. Compared to shopping at a sterile brick and mortar store, shopping the secondary market is like visiting an exotic bazaar, with colorful sellers flogging nearly any item you mind can conceive.

Interested in finding a Unimog? You won't find one on your local car lot, but at any given time you'll probably find a handful of the rockcrawling German military machines for sale on eBay. Want an original (now 40+ year old) Mini Cooper in mint condition? Time to roll up your sleeves and start shopping online.

This blog is devoted to the joy of shopping the secondary markets. Our goal is to share our experience, share our research, and perhaps tell a funny tale. While you'll find hundreds of magazines and websites devoted to new stuff, you won't find very good information for used products. This blog is aimed to fill that void. We hope you enjoy the experience (and consider contributing).

Welcome to GearThoughts.

About our name. As you may have guessed, virtually everything that rolls, flies, slices, or cuts across the earth has gears. The simple and elegant concept of a gear is fundamental requirement for anything that moves. Plus, many people have taken to calling the swag that accumulates in our closets, the stuff needed to hike, climb, or walk.. gear.

image: Reportergimme

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