Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bike Swap-o-Rama

What's the heck is a Veloswap?

Billed as the world's largest, Veloswap is a "consumer bicycling and sports expo." That's fancy talk for a massive bazaar of all things cycling, complete with haggling merchants and keen buyers hungry for a bargain. Vendors range from massive corporations (Subaru, a.k.a. Fuji Heavy) to a solitary guy selling a bike on a blanket.

It was held in Denver this past weekend. If you missed it... well, there's always next year. Here's a few pics (and a video) from the event.

The crowded exhibition hall:

Chain rings and wine cozies, hmm..

Tires, tires everywhere:

Some vendors were more organized than others:

It wasn't all the latest bling:

Old bikes:

New bikes:

A crowd tore into a pile of discount cycling socks. Like blood thirsty sharks swirling, a feeding frenzy ensued:

Vendors were creative:

Occasional desperate measures:

The pics above can only give you a small sense of how big this event was. Here's a little video that helps capture the scale:

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