Saturday, July 18, 2009

Alfa Shopping

Now that we know Alfa's coming back, maybe it's time to snag a classic.

Let's visit the usual dope pushers: CRAIGSLIST and EBAY

Here's a 1984 Spider. Low miles, will need some TLC, but only $5500 asking. (click if link broken)

How about a 1983 Spider? Even lower miles and possibly better condition, $6500 asking. Not sure about the snow tires though. (click if link broken).

So you don't want a Spider... How about a rare 1985 GTV? Clearly owned by an enthusiast with several performance mods. $6900. (click if link broken).

Not rare enough for you? Try this slightly used 2008 8C Competizione. Only 500 built worldwide, you buy it now price for $279,460. (click if link broken)

p.s. ... nobody tell my wife I'm looking at these.

image: orsorama

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