Saturday, January 19, 2013

Riding in January

The first year I lived in Boulder, I thought I'd winterize my bike.     Oops, rookie mistake.

There is at LEAST one day, every single month of the year, which is perfect for riding.     Today, January 19th,  was just such a day and it started with a double dose of Dizzy's.    Oh, yes!

The roads we took are also a popular cycling route.    It was up 63rd and over to 75th to Hygiene.     Zig-zag north west to Carter Lake.    Continue north to Horsetooth Reservoir,  before dropping down into Ft. Collins.     Return some other creative way, or circle back.    

Nice rolling terrain with some curves, staying low to stay warm (60 degrees today!), and watching for sandy spots.     If you want to wipe the smile off my face, you're going to need a chisel.

Bike Update
As far the K went, it was smooth.   Before the ride, I popped the brake pads out, cleaned them, and applied some caliper lube on the back side of the pads.   I was getting a squeal from the pads and this seemed to do the trick.

The throttle is feeling a little sticky, so it's probably time to lube the linkage.    Since I bought the bike, the throttle has been stiff and doesn't return.    It's not an urgent issue, but it's something I will address soon.  

Otherwise, the bike performed fine.   The new rear shock continues to work perfectly.    

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