Sunday, October 20, 2013

TGB Hook 50 [Quick Ride]

I called it Enzo. 

Rented on the island of Bermuda for about $80 ($50+$30 insurance), the Taiwan Golden Bee Hook is 50cc of two stroke fury.   

The single cylinder motor produces 4.5 HP and drives power to the rear wheel through a covered belt.     Like most scooters, there are no gears to shift or clutch to feather.   It features a continuously variable transmission.  

Just twist the throttle and pick up your feet.   Brakes?  A bit grabby but functional.    The suspension, after 20,000 KM, was noticeably shot and the body showed signs of past encounters with stationary objects.  Still, Enzo was surprisingly fun to ride.    

Leaning forward into the wind, on a slight downhill, I managed a top speed of an indicated 55km/h or about 34 mp/h.    On Bermuda's twisty single lanes, it was thrilling speed on 12 inch wheels. 

Fuel efficiency?  No clue, but I'm guessing about 250-300 km out of the 1.8 gallon tank.    Plus, the smoke from the back will keep the mosquitoes at bay. 

The controls and dash on Enzo are basic, but well laid out.    Despite living in the sea air and humidity, plastic and metal were also holding up well.  The speedometer for example, was sparkling clear.    

Overall, I was impressed.   This scoot is well designed, aesthetically pleasing and reasonably durable.    Believe it or not, it'll even carry two adults.     

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